Integrate Comodo Time Machine and Comodo Backup and disk maintenance

Well, CTM has been launched, whiel Comodo already offers some other great DATA management applications like Comodo Backup and Comodo Sandbox.

Great thing about CTM is that is has its own pre-boot loader, which can be used when your system won’t boot anymore. Downside of a lot of Disk Image/backup software is that it requires a seperate RESCUE-CD. Due to its architecture, CTM considers disk defrags and disk cleaning as changes of the DATA (it worls that way).

What I would like is an integrated Data Protection/Management solution.

  • it would be great when you could use Comodo Time Machine pre-loader for Comodo Backup also?
  • t would be great when CTM was aware of Temporary folders, so disk cleaning does not cause these changes to be saved in a snapshot?
  • it would be great that besides defraggging snapshots (which is allready an option at the moment) it would also be possible to defrag your unchanged data in an intelligent way?

I was wondering how many people would value such an integrated Total Data Management/Protection solution, so please vote