Integrate COMODO Killswitch into CIS installer!

Why isn’t COMODO team integrating COMODO Killswitch into the COMODO Internet Security Installer?

I mean, when a user wants to use this app from CIS Menu, the app it has to be downloaded before it can be used and this can be a trouble on those computers without an internet or network conection / offline mode.

Including Killswitch on CIS Installer like COMODO Dragon, GeekBuddy, AntiVirus and Firewall will easy user work very much and beside of that, Killswitch has only 7 MB, so, i think the CIS staff will take my feedback into consideration!

Killswitch can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Therefore it absolutely should not be installed by default for all users. I don’t think it should even be optional from within CIS. The return of an optional view summary screen is a much better option. Killswitch should be a completely stand alone product available from the Comodo website for advanced users who would know how to use it safely.

Sensible suggestion. Makes sense to bundle KillSwitch into the installer but provide it as an selectable option not installed by default.



Can you please create a poll ?

Poll added

I voted no. I think it’s fine for those who will use it to have it downloaded through CIS. In fact, I would suggest that Comodo Dragon and GeekBuddy also be removed from the installer (although I do understand why, for marketing purposes, GeekBuddy is included).

This saves those with a limited internet connection the extra time (or for some money) to download something which they may not even use.

I also voted no for the reasons already stated.

What about those who want to have it on a system without internet ?

Perhaps the best way to do that is to make it possible to add KillSwitch manually, such as by allowing users to just copy files into the correct folder.

Unless we have a functional GUI which replaces the functions handled by Killswitch (in CIS6), I strongly believe that it must be integrated in to CIS installer.

When we have an advanced GUI which does provide the missing functions from CIS 5.12 to CIS6, then, it is OK to make it a separate install. Even in that case, a downloadable installer for CCE (can be a simple sfx archive) would be a better choice than asking the user to copy some files in to CIS working directory manually.