Integrate cCloud into CIS installer (Optional)

I am really enjoying your cCloud storage service and I’m sure others will too.

Any chances of integrating cCloud as an optional component to Comodo Internet Security installer (Optional)?

I think this would also open the CIS community into trying out the new cCloud storage service.

Please try to make this a reality, it would be a great thing.

+1 sounds good

I am using cCloud but CIS installer is already too big :-TD
No need…

What if they were to reduce the installer size?

Would you mind it then?

Absolutely NO.


again NO.
CİS installer only needs Firewall+Antivirus. I think no need even Dragon&Geekbuddy

It makes reduce the installer size :-TU I think everyone like it


In my opinion, the only thing that the CIS installer should contain is CIS.

I think the installer should contain only CIS. However, during installation I can understand options to download other Comodo Software (although these should be unchecked by default).

Online installer for all of them in one package ?

everyone can combine for yourself :slight_smile:
check what you want to download? and install them

What about it ?

Sounds like a good idea, the online installer wouldn’t need to be big at all and would only need to download the things you choose, so for example geekbuddy wouldn’t even need to be downloaded if you didn’t want it. The way it is now geekbuddy etc is in the installer so you need to download it to then un-check it which is a waste of bandwidth data (certain providers only give you that much data to use each month) and downloads take longer and then they also take more space on the hard-drive.

This! :-TU

yes my friend that is my point :-TU

Comodo can do this for every product 88)

how do you like the new ccloud?

new cloud is better with free 10GB :-TU but old 5GB users must have a upgrage for new 10GB for example I am still on 5GB free :slight_smile: thanks Melih :-*

what do you think about online installer Melih ?

I love it, glad you’re offering 10GB of free storage :-TU

is it faster compared to like dropbox etc?


I have limited data from my service provider & unlimited plans are too costly here.

Online installer is good & one can download the modules/software needed. If I remember correctly, there was online installer for one of the CIS version in the released post in the forum, think it was 5.12 or 5.10.

CIS actuall installer is app 40 MB but with all other stuffs it is more than 100 MB.

This was the online installer for 5.12
Offline installer 5.12 -124 MB
Online installer 5.12 - only 35 MB (FW + AV)

Huge difference!!!

Instead of other stuffs one can download AV databases & online installer can have the option to download/install AV databases.

The windows app, the online interface, as well as the whole experience is better than dropbox.

Only one request though, please update your cloud apps for iOS devices.

good to hear that you like ccloud experience better than dropbox.

IOS and android will be updated shortly.

thank you