Insufficient space message

During a backup I received a message that CB was unable to save any more data to the location because of insufficient space. I redirected to the same folder location and CB continued.

After completion, I checked the backup and found CB made 2 files

  1. backup approx 4gb
  2. backup_2 approx 1.5gb

The backup location had 440gb space available.
Total space required for backup approx 5.5gb

Any ideas why?

Just a thought - are you backing up to a partition formatted in Fat32. If so converting the partition to a NTFS partition could solve the problem. Fat32 has a limit of 4gb file size. (At dos prompt >convert d: /fs:ntfs) where d: is the partition formatted in fat32) Hope this helps


I’m sure this is the cause.
I’ve seen this pretty often.