instruction manual [Resolved]

Hi folks, Is there a decent instruction manual that comes with the Comodo Firewall? I would need to have instructions available for a while for my learning process. :wink:

The closest I’ve seen is the integrated Help information. Start there, then check the CPF Faq section for specific discussions that might address any questions you are left with.

Maybe this helps.


Wonderful Tutorial 8)

Thanks for the tips on instructions. The tutorial is very well done. My only trouble is my lack of knowledge and ability to understand what I’m looking at. Half the tutorial discussed defining a LAN. I just have a simple connection of one computer to a broadband IP. I am used to just clicking ok or deny and remember this or not on my Zone Alarm. ZA automatically recognizes my Outlook and my IP. I have never had to define anything myself. Is Comodo simpler than it seems?

Ah, the quest for knowledge… I know it well! 8)

Might I suggest a read of the How To - Understanding & Creating Network Control Rules properly

… bias? What bias? :wink:

Ah! I’m sure this will help. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I agree that the tutorial referenced above is excellent, BUT it must be noted that it requires IE to work: it does not work in Firefox, even with Javascript enabled.

Awesome! Marking this thread [Resolved] :wink: