Instant Sync

Is there any info on Instant Sync?

What do you mean by “Instant Sync”?

In the picture below.

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It means real time synchronization. When a file/folder is created/deleted/edited, the change will be instantly propagated.


What do you mean by “propagated”?

If, for example, you create a folder on one side, the folder will be created on the other side.
If, for example, you rename a file on one side, the file will be renamed on the other side too.

Edit: The change will be instantly propagated only if the side where the change is done is a local drive


So if I were to change/edit/make/rename/delete a file or folder, it will be automatically backed up when instant sync is enabled?

Yes, if the changed/edited/created/deleted file or folder is on a local drive.


When I click “save changes” a message keeps showing up saying “Please Type In Interval” when I try to enable Instant Sync. How does this get fixed?

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This is probably a bug.
Before checking the “Instant sync” option, choose “Every X minutes” and type a number in “Inverval:” edit box, then it should work fine.


Same Thing happened. Is there a fix for this bug?

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Are you running this on Windows 8? Does Comodo Backup yet support Windows 8?

The Backing up, restore & schedule backups work fine it’s just the instant sync that that I’m having troubles with.
Would COMODO Time Machine 2.9 be a cause?

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The cause is most likely that you are running an OS that hasn’t even reached the beta release stage yet, and is currently only intended to be used by software developers… 88)

As I mentioned in another thread, when running such an early release of an OS, you can pretty much guarantee that anything you run on it will probably not run exactly as expected. This OS is currently only intended for developers, not your average user.

If you choose to run an unsupported OS, you have also made the choice to experience abnormal application behavior. It is really not appropriate to report ‘issues’ that you are having because you are running an unsupported OS.

Please install an OS that is supported, then by all means let us know if you are still having problems.

I am trying to do this but can’t see the ‘Instant Sync’ option anywhere? I’m on a Windows 7 64bit operating system.

Please see my answer here