instant search doesn't work for bing and yahoo?

i found a video of a guy who got instant to work for both bing and yahoo but i did what he did in the video and it doesn’t work.

here’s the vid:

Enable Instant Search on Any Search Engine - Google Chrome Tip - YouTube. edit: title if thread has been changed.

It doesn’t work on my end either, but it does work in ChromePlus!, so it’s the feature that’s broken here.

Besides, he’s testing it on Chromium, not Dragon. Something tweaked in Dragon that disables it for other search engines?

The search string for Google looks different to the one from Bing.
If I sniff the network Google causes a ‘GET’ request per typed char, Bing does nothing untill you press Enter.
So 1) it’s not supported 2) the string in the Search engine field is wrong.

Who can verify the Chrome setting for Bing engine?

if It’s not supported then why does it work in chrome and chrome plus

Sorry could be a bug, wrong implementation of Bing search engine settings or other issue caused by tweaking the code…
Can you verify the Chrome settings for Bing to see if they are the same as in Dragon?

It works for me.
Or maybe I’m not understanding the problem correctly.

In ‘basics’ - under ‘search’ - you have to check ‘Enable Instant for faster searching’
In ‘under the hood’ - under ‘privacy’ - you have to check ‘Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar’

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What I was thinking is when it loads the page as we type.

See the video. You are talking about suggestions, that’s not it.

if by setting you mean the url that chrome uses for bing search then that would be

%s - Search

and it’s the same in chrome. i tried instant search with bing as the default search provider in the current stable version of chrome and it didn’t work in chrome. i don’t know if it works in chrome plus though. can anyone confirm that instant search works in the current version of chrome plus with bing set as the default search provider

I remove everything except Yahoo! but I just tried Bing and it does the instant just fine like on Yahoo!.

so it loads search results as you type without having to hit enter? i’m not talking about search suggestions that dropdown from the omnibox as you type

You tell me.

it doesn’t load the results until you quit typing though it does look like it is trying to load results because when you start typing the page goes blank like it’s trying to load the results for the search

Not exactly, it’s just my computer was being slow, the recording eats up my weak CPU to the wazoo.

Edit: I was right with Bing but Yahoo! requires you to finish typing until it displays on the search bar. Bing will aggregate word by word, typing fast is its weakpoint.

The Bing Instant search facility is slated to be part of the HTML5 version of Bing, which had a preview earlier in the year but that site is no longer available. As far as I’m aware, there’s no date available for release.

There is an addon for firefox called InstantFox that gives instant search results from the address bar, for virtually any search engine. Maybe there’s something similar for chromium based browsers…