Installs But Keeps Rebooting

First off I run XPHome SP3.
The install seemed to run fine.Then restart, I viewed the CMT startup screen. Then it went on to the XP startup screen. Then a quick blue screen and then a reboot. This keeps repeating until I press the home button and uninstall it through the CMT startup screen.

I was trialing Rollback RX. I uninstalled it,the ran a registry cleaner before installing CMT.
Any ideas how to fix this problem.


Did I post in the wrong section?
I thought maybe somebody that works at Comodo would at least have some answers to help out.

Hi there…
I’ve posted this problem AGAIN!
Whether FREE or not, the software should be “Fit For Purpose” if offered on a public access.
Have YOU resolved the issue yet?

No.the issue yet to be resolved .

Thanks for your support! We will look into this issue and try to fix it in the future.
Best Regards

I just had this issue under Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit build 7600. Install went fine. Restart with the CMT screen then Windows 7 start logo shows and then the screen goes black then immediate BSOD. Trying to re-boot causes the same symptoms. My work around:

I had to do a COMPLETE re-install of Windows. Luckily I didn’t have anything worth losing. But still a pain in the A__!

Was not able to correct the boot issue either by running the Windows Repair disc either. Also could not boot into Safe mode. There is definitely an issue with the program.

System specs:

HP Media Center m7367c
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Build 7600 (fully updated)
Pentium D 930 3.0ghz
Asus P5LP-LE (Emery) BIOS-3.19 (fully updated)
4GB RAM PC2-DDR2-5300 667ghz
Maxtor 300GB SATA-150
Gigabyte HD Radeon 4670 512mb (CCC-9.10)
Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Gamer (drivers are current)