installing without internet

hi, i was wondering if there is a way to get comodo and all its updates onto a computer without internet access. the reason for this is because in Tajikistan the internet speed is very slow and unreliable. so getting comodo and all its updates might take a while with all the disconnections and low speed. im asking because today i saw my cousin install a anti virus software off a flash stick, then he installed the updates off the same flash stick. i was wondering since i have the comodo install file on my pc, is there a way to copy my updates onto a flash stick and then update like that? anyway thanks ahead of time.

Hi alec1988,

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I think this FAQ describes what you are looking for:

CIS can be installed offline, and if you copy the bases.cav file before it asks to reboot the PC it should be running that version of the AV database which you can verify on the More, About page of CIS.

The GUI however will show that you have “Never updated” because you used this trick, doing so while being online will only have to download a few small incremental updates and will remove the “Never updated” text.

thanks alot for the quick reply. im not sure how i missed that faq because i checked the other sections for this, i guess because i didnt know exactly what i was looking for. thanks again for the quick response.