Installing Windows Update KB951748

Hi there from the new guy. I have a question. Zone Alarm and Microsoft Windows are having a problem with the Windows Update KB951748. Will I have the same problem installing the Windows Update and Comodo Firewall and not to block my internet access? Please see this link for an understanding on whats going on:

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From what I’ve heard this is only a Microsoft-ZoneAlarm problem, so trying Comodo is well worth a shot.


So it would be safe to install that update before I go to bed tonight and use my computer tomorrow?

There are no guarantees, but again, worth a try. The problem should only concern ZoneAlarm, not Comodo.

I’ve also read that you can lower the "Internet Zone Security” in ZoneAlarm from High to Medium (here’s my source although it’s in Swedish: Strul med Windowsuppdatering - Computer Sweden).


I rather not use Zone Alarm at this moment.

I installed that update, and no problems.
I use CFW, not crapy FW’s (:TNG)

To ChrisLHannsen,

Like Rafel, I can confirm that KB915748 just came out on 7/8/2008, I use comodo3, and it installed no problem for me. And now looking at your link, it may well be that zonealarm is causing 100% of your updating problem.

But as a long time XP user who has often experienced windows update problems, I cannot say positively say your current update problem has to be zonealarm. Nor can I or anyone else say using comodo3 will not result in some sort of problems for you.

But your statement is, “I rather not use Zone Alarm at this moment.”, meaning its your own expression of a desire to try something, anything else for a firewall.

Personally I do not think zonealarm is all that good of a firewall, as a long time comodo3 user I may be biased in recommending comodo as the one to first try, and just the maybe temporary failure of one windows update may not rise to a any immediate panic level of gotta switch right now.

So if you do have some luxury of time, I do invite you to explore this forum, plan your switch so it goes smoothly,
and also explore some other firewall options.

Anytime you switch firewalls, there are no absolute guarantees you won’t get some new problems, but if nothing else, I can almost 100% guarantee this forum will be there for you if you do have any problems with comodo. I am also almost 100% confident that comodo3 is the one you should try first.

Being a forum ■■■■■■, I am hearing some real horror stories about KB915748 and zonealarm.

If some of what I am reading on other forums is correct--------

For the subset of zonealarm users that actually had KB915748 install, they then experienced internet access failure.
I am also hearing reports that that same set of people cannot just uninstall zonealarm, reinstall some other firewall, and have their internet then work. And what seems to be necessary is to uninstall KB915748 first. Or restore the system to a time before it was installed.

I am also hearing that zonealarm also now has some sort of patch for the problem.

But those are just reports that I cannot say are 100% accurate.

Here is one google link dated 16 hours ago—IT news, careers, business technology, reviews | Computerworld

Hello Chris,

I don’t have any problem with the update. I don’t use zone alarm but I tried to search their forum regarding your problem with KB951748 and found this thread. You may have already read this thread but others who have the same problem as yours might find this thread useful.



Not just ZoneAlarm, ppl using Comodo 2.4 on Win 2k3 also have this problem.