installing win 7

i m using pc with 80 gb hard disk and 512 mb ram.i have pentium D

is my pc able to support windows 7?

You need to have at least 1 GB RAM for 32-bit version or 2 GB for 64-bit version of Windows 7.

You can download the ‘advisor’ to find out…

but as deadman said; you need more ram for sure.

but does pentium d supports win 7?

Hi Mittal. I am using a Pentium d 3.4ghz with win 7 no problems here. I have 1gb ram and with Cis running and browser open using this forum I am using about 45% of it, so imo I think it would be a struggle with 512mb ram. I have heard of some doing it, but it would take some tweaking. Kind regards.
Edit- 80gb hard disk is sufficient for win 7

Hey there mittal :slight_smile:

1gb goes but then you have limitations; you can’t run application that require 500mb or so because on a clean win 7 need 400mb for instance. I don’t know how it is when you update windows 7. if you can afford to buy 1 Gb ram do it then.

Valentin N

If you don’t need the visual gimmick in windows 7(Aero for example), then you can ‘run’ it but as mentioned by other members, your overall windows 7 experience can be improved with a RAM upgrade.

I had Windows 7 running on a single core AMD Athlon with 1 GB of memory.

Memory is key here. Upgrade to at least 1 GB

i got 512 mb ram and if i get another 512 mb ram… is that works? bcoz i have 2 slots to insert 2 rams

You have now 1GB which is absolute minimum. Since you only have 1Gb makes sure to only install the necessary software installed. Here is something that will help you get more memory when it’s possible.

I can tell you now to disable the feature that make Win 7 “beautiful”; this takes unnecessary memory and cpu usage. Right click on your desktop and choose Properties. Advance system settings —> Performance —> Settings —> Visual Effect —> Adjust for best performance. (I have a swedish OS installed so I am not sure what they are called in english)

What you can do is to disable services that you don’t need. BlackViper will give you hints what to do. I think Jacob can maybe help you here; he knows how to tweak OS.

Valentin N