Installing VPN

I have been trying to install PrivateInternetAccess as a VPN on my system ( Comodo Internet Security/Comodo DNS/ Win 10) and during the install process an error message was generated stating that the network address was invalid. As a result the process to install a TAP network driver just hung and the installation failed. I spent two days off and on with PIA support staff who were f****g useless. Can anyone suggest a reason for the problem ? PIA were keen to blame Comodo as you can imagine …

CIS should detail anything that it blocked in the Logs.

Logs not withstanding, I’m not sure what the problem is. But I do suspect that you may need to disable CIS components to enable PIA to install correctly and then work on getting CIS to allow PIA.

In regards to PIA many users seem to experience issues with security software. Example: C.Net user comments on PIA [] detailed under “Cons” dated June 2014.

Creates multiple random files in random directories (Upsets firewalls like Comodo and Kaspersky)
.. and additionally ..
Uses third party hosts as part of the service. (Some of whom have questionable reputations)
If still an issue, this last issue might well run foul of Comodo DNS on PIA's 3rd party servers.

Thanks for your speedy reply. Very much appreciated.

As it is, I got a refund from PIA and judging by your comment on 3rd party hosts I guess I’m well out of there. I would still like to use a VPN - I’ve always been security conscious but I’m no user of the DarkWeb, for example ( but I confess I have downloaded the odd episode of a TV series every now and then)

Mainly I just like my privacy, which is under much greater attack than ever before, and I don’t like the idea of being spied upon. I don’t suppose I’d be a big user of a VPN but it would be nice now and then to throw a cloak of invisibility on just to ■■■ off the Man. Is it possible to ask if you have any VPN recommendations for someone like me. Tall order I know but I thought I’d ask just in case.

Personally I use vpntunnel
no problems with CIS
Best regards

Which VPN you should use usually depends on your geographical location and what you use it for. Since this is all commercial stuff I can’t really post links… so, I use something from the UK that makes my “IP vanish” without issue. :)

BTW VPN services using 3rd party severs is not at all uncommon… in fact, they probably all do it to some extent or another. Since the data is encrypted it’s not usually an issue. However, using a dodgy 3rd party servers can result is security software/DNS detecting the IP/IP-range as bad… and that can be “bad”. And sometimes in surprising ways. eg. coming to these forums using your VPN to discover that you (the IP actually) are banned for spamming. :slight_smile:

kail, Once again thanks for your quick response and helpful comments.

ZorKas - my thanks to you as well for your suggestion. I very much appreciate you taking the time to post a reply to me.

It’s nice to know that there are guys like you out there that are prepared, and have the patience, to help out old farts like me. Keep up the good work !!