installing virus updates

I just bought a new computer the end of August. I’ve been trying to download Zonealarm free firewall but it kept failing to download and install. So I downloaded the Comodo free firewall for Windows Vista 64bit. It installed fine. But now I can’t get the virus program to update. It gets to 30% and stops. I’ve run the update four times and got no where. Can someone please help me.

Hi bravefeather.
Not sure if you’ve gone thru the forums yet, but a lot of people, me included had/have the same problem. Are you getting a second message box that says the db failed to update and to check your internet connections, or are you just stalling at 30% and stopping it after a while yourself?

If the latter, then just let it continue. The d/l is kinda big and will take a few minutes depending on your internet connection. If the former I can tell you what solved that problem for me. Check Omlet Guy’s post here I installed his uploaded db, after doing a clean install, where I let the HopSurf toolbar be installed. I’ve been etting regular updates since. I even shut down my laptop to see if everything would still work when I rebooted. :-TU

I’m sure one of the Mods here will give you more detailed help soon as they get to your post. :smiley:

Anyhoo, good luck to you.

When I try to update the virus program it runs to the 30% mark and quits. They I get the following message

failed to update virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later

This makes five times I’ve tried to update and got no where. Someone please help me. Thank you

Hi bravefeather,

Can i ask which version of CIS (latest 3.11.x.552) you are using ? AV updates are deprecated on older versions…

Do you have any other AV’s active and or other security software that could be blocking downloads ?

Here is the new download link for Scanners forlder

DB 2243

just installed comodo and had 2 wait almost an hour for 1st update, it does take time!!
will hope next update much quicker but the 1st you really have to stick with till done and if you have slow connection expect a lengthy wait-1 hour plus!
no point doing new installation as will get same result