Installing version 4 breaks Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120.

I had CIS 3 installed and working fine. Then it asked to update, which I did, and it seemed to be working fine. However right after rebooting Daemon Tools reported an error, then shut down. I uninstalled it, then when trying to reinstall it, the installer barely launches before it shuts down again. I tried setting all options on CIS to disabled and tried again, same problem. Then I shutdown the CIS GUI and tried again, same problem. In my frustration I downloaded Alcohol 120 and just as it starts to install files it reports an error with the system. As I’ve seen Comodo ■■■■■ with programs before, I uninstalled CIS. Then Daemon tools installed again and is working. Then I reinstalled CIS, and it broke Daemon Tools again. Guess I’ll go to Symantec Endpoint Protection until you get the problem resolved.

I also verified the same problem on my laptop.

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Please check if is the same issue you’re experiencing.

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Further guidance re Alcohol can be found here.

Heh, the member is more helpful than the mods, go figure. Thank you dominumds, your link helped my issue as well.

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