Installing v5 with Defense+

I have v3.x installed with defense+ on XP-sp3.

I’m ready to update to the latest version and have read all the directions to uninstall v3. After several hours of reading a have a few questions.

On the Firewall download site Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac the only option for XP 32 bit refers to XP-sp2. Is it safe to assume that this also means it will work with sp-3?

I do not want to install the AV as I am using NOD32 from Eset. Will there be any problems with this setup?

And lastly, in the past I could install Defense+ and just the firewall, will the install program still give me this option?

Any other words of wisdom would be appreciated


Service Pack 2 is the minimum requirement. So yes, SP3 is fine.

Shouldn’t be any problems.


Thanks for the reply and information.