Installing & Uninstalling- IS IT A NIGHTMARE FOR YOU?

I would like to help Comodo out as much as possible, and I am here to talk about Uninstalling Software, Installing Software, and especially… WINDOWS UPDATES

OK. So I got the option to download & install critical Security updates… So I clicked allow (I EVEN CLICKED “trusted” application for Windows Updates, and there are SOOOO MANY POPUPS, I basically have to baby sit my pc for Window Updates to install.

I understand how Comodo has an “installation mode” but did you know when installing SOME applications it doesn’t pop up saying “Would you like to switch to install mode?, etc” Is this suppose to happen for Windows Updates too? Because it is annoying. and when installing for SOME applications, having to click “switch to installation mode” in the main GUI is annoying (Installing mode works for some software… some not… I can’t really name the software but if you want me to do some research on this for you guys I can)… Anyway, Windows Updates should be allowed by default. I really am getting sick off baby sitting my computer. Also when uninstalling software… THERE ARE INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OFF POP UPS (Forcing my self to close Comodo when uninstalling). It is a nuisance.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do NOT take this the wrong way. I do not work for any Security company, I am not a computer expert I am just the average user, doing my every day thing, and I love supporting and promoting Comodo. You guys have an excellent company, with great software (including CFP 3 off course! :-)) Comodo works 10/10 When I am not installing or uninstalling anything… It is perfect!

But issues to address:
*Installing Applications.The “installing mode” sometimes doesn’t pop up when installing a new application.
*Uninstalling Application. ALOT OF POPUPS WHEN UNINSTALLING! (Perhaps an "uninstall mode in the future?)
*Windows Updates. This should be allowed by default. and Even when clicking “trusted application”, It still creates pop ups, perhaps you can add this to the Application Signature Database, Comodo?

Well… Melih Prehaps TC will resolve most off these pop up issues? Anyway… i just wanted to express my self about it…

Does anyone have any opinions on this? Comments? Please share!!

EDIT/UPDATE: CFP 3 still needs to be updated on :slight_smile:



I have no issue installing or uninstalling software. Switch Comodo to ‘installation mode’ and it’s easy. Some programs have more than one installation to make so you may get a second pop up. It’s all about security.

You treat the windows update .msi as the installer and you wont get the pop ups.

Well… That would be hard for a newbie pc user! But I think TC will solve it?

I don’t disagree with you. Everyone starts at the beginning and I only know this because I read it here!

TC does sound like a step forward for the ‘terminal’ newbs lol. The sort of people who have no interest or confidence in learning about how software works, they just want it easy.