Installing/Uninstalling an app Sandboxed

When Installing/Uninstalling an app if CIS pops up with Unlimited Rights popup recommending to Sandbox, does the app Installs/Uninstalls completely if Sandboxed i.e the same as when Installed/uninstalled not Sandboxed?? Can there be a corrupted install/uninstall when sandboxed??

The reason I am asking this coz I have installed CIS on my cousins laptop & whenever he gets this popup recommending sandbox when he is installing/uninstalling any app he simply clicks sandbox.


It depends on “Treat unrecognized files as…” setting but I think generally no.
Each setting has limitations and application could end up corrupted and not installed properly.

You should allow request if you are sure that application is safe and legitimate (although is still not whitelisted by Comodo).

Installing any thing unknown, CIS gives a popup, its ok. But why Uninstalling anything also gives a popup. I mean can Uninstalling anything may also lead to infect the system??


This will happen only if the uninstaller is unknown.

If you think about it this makes sense. The file that uninstalls it is essentially deleting files from your computer.

Wouldn’t you like to be warned before a file is allowed to do this?

Ok got it. I like the Sandbox tab in the popup when installing any thing but I dont like the Sandbox tab in the popup when uninstalling anything. When uninstalling there should be only Allow/Block tab, no need of Sandbox tab, coz at times it corrupts the uninstalls & further probs arises & I guess uninstalling anything Sandboxed doesn’t uninstalls completely. I think there is no need of the Sandbox tab in the popup for Uninstalls.