Installing the free SSL certificate in Win 8??

Hello. My wife has a new Win 8 PC and she exported the free SSL certificate from Comodo to her PC. The thing is, it says that it was downloaded to the
“certificate library”? Now, I see the certificate under tools|internet options|content|certificates in Internet Explorer, but we can’t figure out how to get it into Outlook to encrypt her emails. We’ve tried importing and exporting it from IE into a folder then selecting it as a certificate to import, but then when we exit it just goes away. It’s getting very frustrating.

Can someone please let me know what we’re doing wrong or send me a link to an install document for Window 8?


Hi chrisnNancy, It’s a little tricky the first time.

First go to control panel → Internet Options → Content → Certificates

From there click export, chose your certificate, follow the wizard and assign a password. Then export it to My Documents folder. Remember that password as it will be used each time you need to import in the future.

Then open Outlook and don’t hit select from the security tab (that’s where your getting off track).

Instead hit View Certificates and then import. Browse to My Documents or where ever you saved it. You will be prompted for the password and then your good to go.

Edit: then hit select from the security tab.