Installing teamviewer remote desktop assistance

So an online friend asked me to install teamviewer so I did

Funny thing was both CIS firewall and defense+ never detected anything when the app was run the first time like the CIS never detected the app was ever running.

Why is this so? I expected CIS to be able to detect it running.

It maybe a safe file or a trusted vender, CIS gives no popups for this unless its on Paranoid

Just in case can you post a link to download it?


Hmm an online friend send it to me via messenger.

But here’s the official link macOS

Well I use it to help friends but some of them use Comodo and want me to do remote support when they are not there and is really frustrating to get a connection due to Comodo blocking the application even though at every pop up my friend selects Trusted Application. Both he and I are using Comodo 3.9.95478.509 and it is impossible to get this application to connect to his computer with no one there and Comodo running. What the heck is needed to get Comodo to play nice and actually allow this application to work? Firewall and Defense+ are set to safe on both of our computers.

I get frustrated with Comodo when one constantly tells it that Teamviewer is a trusted application and it still does not allow it to function properly. How does one allow port 5938 to be used by Teamviewer on the friend’s computer without him having to constantly answer prompts from Comodo re Teamviewer?

I get popups also, you could try adding it to My trusted Venders list, that should make D+ learn its behavior
or setting D+ to clean PC mode this will make it learn the behavior of everything on your PC, anything new gets asked.

As for the firewall, post it under Firewall help, im getting confused just trying to make the rules.

I didn’t get any pop up…and my COMODO was fine.

The popups occur when the application is installed and running in the system tray and set up for unattended connections from the Intenet. The popup occurs when I have connected to the remote computer and indicated that I wanted to reboot the remote computer.