installing ssl

On July 17, 2006 we purchased Elite SSL Certificate. We have installed it for on a shared server host with using iis5.2.
The security seems to be on the entire site—is this right? Pages show security (https) except when a user goes directly to then we do not get a secure page. Can the SSL be set for just the credit card page? What am I doing right and what am I doing wrong? Please advise,
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It looks like you are using a redirect page to redirect to So if a user goes directly to any page on your site eg. the page will be unsecure.

You can remove the redirect page and set ssl only for the pages that you would like to be secure.
One way to do this is to include https in the link to the pages you would like to secure. eg.

This can also be done on the server side by requiring ssl for specific urls. Each webserver has a different method to implement this.