Installing software in Kiosk

I was wondering if I can install software in Kiosk to try the new software to see if I like it. If I don’t, then when I exit Kiosk the software will no longer be installed. This would be good way to checkout new software without worry about it making changes to the system and trying to uninstall it

If I do like the software, then I can install it again in the normal environment. Is this a workable solution?

Some software will install correctly in the Kiosk. However, many will not. Currently it is not really designed for testing out software.

But whatever gets installed will be completely removed when sandbox is reset, right?

And the real system will have no changes, right?

Yes, but the fact remains that a lot of software will not run in the sandbox. The developers goal was to design a secure area for web browsers/apps, not design a full blown virtual machine.