Installing "recommended" or "full"?

Hi guys.
I’ve installed CIS, and in CIS I’ve installed only the Firewall.
During the installation we are asked if we want to install “Firewall and Defense+ (recommended)” or… something more (the third choice) “for experienced users”, with full leak protection or something like that.

Sorry, but I can’t remember exactly what was the name of the third choice (the more stringent)

I’d like to know:

  1. what is the difference between the “recommended” choice (the 2nd) and the “full” choice (the 3rd)
  2. if one can upgrade from the 2nd to the 3rd choice without reinstalling the whole program, but only re-launching the installer and “modifying” something there (the way some installers do, installing what we previously decided not to install)

Thanks for your answer (L)

When I switch from one “Security setting” to another do also firewall settings change? or only those of the Defence+ module?

Do they restart from zero or do they add to the “Defence+” ones that I created so far using the “recommended” settings?

Does it exist a manual that explains the differences among the security settings that we can see in the image above?

Since I installed only the firewall, what happens if I select “Antivirus Security”?
And what does “Internet Security” mean?


Thanks :heart: for your help :-TU

In the Help file I can read this

If this is the first time you have accessed this interface you will see four preset choices:
  • COMODO - Internet Security (which is for the full installation, with Antivirus and Firewall components (Recommended and this is the default choice) )
  • COMODO - Proactive Security (which is for the full installation with some advanced settings. This choice provides highest security level. This choice is suggested for users who need maximum protection)
  • COMODO -Antivirus Security (Which is for the Antivirus component)
  • COMODO - Firewall Security (Which is for the Firewall component)

I’d like only to know (and also other replies would be appreciated) if they work even if I installed CIS selecting the “recommended” choice

Sure they work; you can try it yourself… :wink: