Installing programs

Whenever I install (or uninstall) a program, there’s a blizzard of Comodo popups. I keep clicking OK or Trusted App, but the popups continue. As a result, I sometimes shut down Comodo in order to install a new program. Is there some way to tame this behavior?

Also, is there some way to shut off the animated smilies? Makes this seem like a board for children…

When the pop-ups occur, you can try bubbling treat application as then set it as installer/updater, making sure the remember box is checked, then hit okay. There’ll be a follow up pop-up asking if you want switch CFP to installation mode. You can either go with yes, though later on you’ll want to switch it off install, or no which from what I can tell doesn’t appear to affect anything. Rather, you won’t be prompted with another pop-up, as long as it’s a single run of the installer (which it should be).

Put Comodo in install mode before installing anything. Its right in the main GUI.