Installing Programs

Everytime I install a program in general, it stops and asks every half second or something that needs to be installed. How do I change that? It took 25 minutes one day to install an appplication because it kept asking. Where are the settings to change that?

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When you launch setup.exe (for example) there is an alert. Choose “treat as installer or updater”.

Or before you install a program rightclick on tray icon->Defense+ ->disabled.
After it is installed, re-enable D+.

Hi devolic

When you install a program the first popup you see will give you the option to choose, as goodbrazer has mentioned “treat as installer or updater”. When you choose that and click ok, a box will popup and ask if you want to switch to installation mode. Click ok. All the install should go quietly without any further popups. A few minutes after the install a box will come up again asking if you want to switch back to previous mode. Click yes and you will be done.