Installing programs/slow elevated prompts

how come when you install a program D+ is slow to alert and ask for elevated prompt for admin rights?

im running windows 7 32bit.
full suite.

Do you mean it takes long before the Alert is shown? Or does it take long after you have answered an Alert with “Remember” active before the next Alert is shown?

takes long for it to show up. then after words it takes long for it start the install but onces started its goes fast.

also when you download something and press run you get to prompts for admin rights then you get a UAC. i find it odd how that happens.

If you download an installer for some software and press RUN then Windows will prompt you with the UAC alert because it needs elevated privileges to be able to install the software you have downloaded. That part has nothing to do with CIS, that happens on all UAC enabled vista/win7 computers.

Is the first case you are talking about also about the UAC alert and taking more time to show when CIS is installed/activated?

no no you misunderstand me.

i know how UAC works but if you install a program by starting it you get a CIS prompt for elevated admin rights (which that is slow to popup) then you get the UAC promt from windows. then the setup moves on and does its thing.

what i was talking about with the double D+ prompt for admin rights is when you select ‘run’ after the file has been saved that is when you get the double D+ prompts then the UAC.

this only happens when you install software.

Just to make sure I understand you now :wink:

This happens when you download software using IE, not saving it to disk but choosing “RUN” at the download prompt?

You get 2 alerts from Defense+ and both are Elevated Privileges alerts
After that you get the UAC alert

Is this correct?

yes using IE8 and i was saving to disk, after you save you are then able to ‘RUN’ then i get the two D+ alerts and then a UAC.

thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can reproduce this on a VM.

ok i should add the file size are 179mb, was a patch for a game i have.

So this only happened on a large file? Was it a compressed container?
Can you PM me the link to it?

sure ill pm the link so you can at least start the setup.

download it then run you will get two D+ alerts then a UAC prompt which the D+ alert will be slow to come up.