Installing ONLY AV (No defense+, no firewall)

I need to know how to install Comodo AV without the defense+ component. I’m aware of how to use the msi installer switches to not install the firewall and the DNS agent, but can’t figure out how to install Comodo without defense+. Is it even possible?

If not, I need to make a specific directory always be trusted for any application. I do a lot of remote installs and Comodo blocks everything, even if it is on the trusted whitelist. Actually, I’ve figured out how to create a trusted group, make a custom policy, add the exclusions, and ultimately make one directory trusted… but where is this information stored? Registry? A config file? I need to copy this config over to other machines…

I am not experienced in working with CIS like this. But I will fill you in with what I do know.

As far as I know installing the AV will install D+. You may end up with permanently disabling D+ using Block all unknown requests if the application is closed. I have no idea about MSI installer install switches.

For remote installs the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager may be a tool for you.It can be used for free for situations with up to 5 pc’s.

Rules are stored in the registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\software\Comodo. Keep in mind that each rule comes with its own UID.You can export a configuration to an XML file from under More → Manage My Configurations.

With v5 rules for applications are coupled with the file’s hash code. That was said to make it easier to deploy one rule over multiple machines.

That’s all I know.

Hmmm… Thanks for the tip. I tried exporting from one machine registry and importing into another, but that didn’t work. I was however able to export and import (to another machine) the configuration thru comodo itself.

Edit: Actually, I figured out how to import the stuff using an exported registry file (has to be done before the computer is restarted)… but what I thought was a directory that was configured to allow anything executed doesn’t work.

How can I make Comodo allow ANYTHING ran from a specific directory to be ran without interruption?

How can I make Comodo allow ANYTHING ran from a specific directory to be ran without interruption?
Try adding a path with a wild card to Trusted Files. Like this: c:\folder1\folder2\*.