installing on Windows 8 laptop?

Hi, I’m not sure what to do anymore I installed the Comodo yesterday and this morning and then I get the blue screen of death on it and I had to do the full system recovery 2 times yesterday and now I can’t do it again :‘( after I installed it it did it quick scan with NO problems but it did say that I had to restart my laptop and I did then thats when I had the blue screen of death come up again :’( :‘( :’( :cry: I installed it on a Windows 8 desktop with 0 problems why am I having so many problems with it on my brand new laptop? my laptop is an HP 2000 laptop, I just got it yesterday for Christmas what am I doing wrong or is it my laptop or the comodo acting up? please please please please please please help, I’m getting super ■■■■■■ off cause I can’t use my new laptop at all >:( >:( >:( >:(

It’s possible that something went wrong with the installation of CIS. To rule this out please try installing by following the advice I give in this topic:

If that does not solve the problem please consider submitting a bug report for this. This should be created as a new topic in this section of the forum. The required format is given in this post. Just copy and paste the code. Then put your responses after the colons.

Also, for this bug report make sure your computer is set to create full dumps, and not just MiniDumps. The devs have informed me that full dumps are almost always required in order for them to locate and fix these types of bugs. After the BSOD upload the full dump to a file sharing site, such as this one and paste the download link into your report.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you.