Installing new version of CIS overtop of older version

I have CIS Premium Ver 5.12.256249.2599

But want to upgrade to 6.2.285401.2860 or higher if available which is what I have on another pc.

I have a lot of settings/rules such as “Define a new blocked application” .

Will all of my settings stick or will I need to reconfigure everything again?

Than you

You can try to use the Upgrade installer, which is found on this page. This has worked well for many users.

Great, I suppose if it doesn’t work, I can re-image my drive back to previous date via a 3rd party software I use.

Is there a way to see all of my customizations on one page before and after??

There is a section for the Firewall settings and the Defense+ Settings for both versions of CIS. Thus, I suppose you could check that before and after the upgrade.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes that will work…I thought there might be a log I could generate.

In 5.x / Defense+ there is a “Trusted Files” but I don’t see a ‘not trusted’.

In 5.x / Firewall there is a “Define a new blocked application” / Application rules.

Is that all I need to see?