Installing Linux in a computer. reccomend a distro?

No Iam not abandoning windows, or CIS for the matter. (:LGH)

But I have some 4-5 computers at home, they are all windows. :slight_smile:

So I was thinking that I gonna try out Linux on one of the XP machines.
Now my question is what linux distro do you recommend?

Anyone tried linux? Whats your experience? I want a distro that is keept up to date and easy to learn… (not command line only). Iv’e heard about ubuntu and fedora that those are good, but what do you guys think?
Also I was thinking about openBSD, as it seems like something really cool on the security side, Is it easy to use?
I don’t have so much demands on the distro all I has to be able to do is, surf and run a mysql/php server.

Can OpenBSD do that?

Mostly leaning at OpenBSD really… :THNK :THNK but please share your thoughts on linux unix and such…

I tried 3 of them

Mandriva, didn’t really like it
Ubuntu, gonna install it when I find the install cd again
Dreamlinux, nice GUI :-TU, but nothing for me …

So, I think you’ll have to try most of them and see which ones fits you the best :wink:


I loved Ubuntu…I tried it on my VM.

(I think it is the only Linux version to work on my PC, so I had no choice :))

I think you should try Ubuntu or OpenSUSE. I tried many distros (such as Fedora,Slackware,Debian,Mint. etc). And i can say that Ubuntu (or maybe Mint, which is the same Ubuntu but with small modifications) is the best choise for people, which are not common with Linux. Also, Ubuntu repositories are qualitative enough.

I will go with Ubuntu as a start…

thank you guys. (:HUG)

Hey the nice thing about Linux is all the “Live” distros - you can burn the ISO to a CD and boot into it to give it a try. Or, you can use VirtualBox to turn the ISO into a VM session.

Either way, you get to try the distro without installing it. That way you see what it looks and feels like.

BTW, another (IMO) nice, modern, maintained distro that makes a decent Windows replacement is PCLOS.


I would recommend using open SUSE or Ubuntu. I prefer openSUSE, very nice GUI but the download size is 1 DVD (worth to try & use). The update is not so bad but please keep in mind that openSUSE 11.1 is still beta. In case you don’t want to be to techie, try Ubuntu.

I love DreamLinux. :-TU Not for beginners though. But once you learn all the stuff, it’s awesome. Speedy, good looking, highly configurable.

Using Fedora 10, openSUSE 11.1 and Ubuntu 8.10 here ;D. I would go with Ubuntu as it seems to be the most popular and has an excellent support forum.

Start with Ubuntu (Gnome) and then maybe move onto Fedora or openSUSE (Gnome and/or KDE). Each distro has good/bad points but you can’t go far wrong with Ubuntu.


I use Ubuntu 8.10 in my Linux computer,hehehe. And for me it’s awsome.