installing keeppass in icedragon

I have just installed icedragon browser.

I have already Installed KeePass2 and have KeePasshttp.plgx into my keepass directory. I cannot see how to install either the keefox or passifox extensions into icedragon. They go automatically into firefox from the download page.

I have set icedragon as my default browser, so keepass opens the correct page in icedragon when I click on the database , but so far there is no keepass icon and the username/ password are not filled in. I have downloaded the zip files for passifox but have no idea what to do next.

Can you advise me please.

Hi mandywr,
Try installing the following two extensions direct from Mozilla Add-ons into IceDragon.

Kind regards.

KeeFox is great in my opinion. :-TU