Installing error

Hi everyone,
This is the error i am receiving, I installed CIS and everything was going correct until the question was asked whether you want to run a scan. I declined the option as i am pretty sure i don’t have a single virus. After clicking No there was no window seen and suddenly an error came stating " Problem with deleting shortcuts. Please kindly delete the shortcuts manually". Everything rolled back after i clicked OK.

I am not able to see any comodo file or process running as everything rolled back. I am using Win XP Professional SP3
I have joined the diagnostic report too. Please solve this mystery… :-[ :-[
I am using latest version 3.10 as i downloaded CIS today.

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Welcome to the club.
CIS install won’t complete, keeps “rolling back” near the end

Ok, so you mean to say when the software asks for AV check and after i click No, i swiftly have to manually delect the installation processes. Is it the solution?

Ok i did that and the software is running good now. I updated it to the latest definition and there are no probs…Thanks…