Installing error in Vista

I uninstalled BOC a few weeks ago and now I want to install again but no way.
I get message after installing and start up :
BOC data file corrupt…please use updater.
But this is not helping

I uninstalled former installings.

What should I do to make it work.


Have you tried it this way:

Open task manager and shutdown BOC425 and BOCore.

Then go to Start/Programs/Boclean and select the updater. This works on XP, not sure about Vista.


Thanks N.T.T.W.

I tried what you said…it want help…

After installing I quit and open Installer but Comodo sais I already have the latest file.

Than I restart BOC and always it sais corrupt database.

file BOCClean425.XVU is corrupted

So I have to uninstall again otherwise I cant do all.

Dirk (S)

Hi santpol,

If you are going to do an uninstall in Vista be sure to do an advanced search with hidden files checked for boclean, boc, and cboc. It takes a little while but last time I had to uninstall BOClean in Vista and I did not do a search so every new install was messed up. That may be why you keep getting a corrupted file. Also be sure to reboot before trying to reinstall.
Hope that helps.


HI Waeylander,

Maybe stupid question but can you tell me how to look for those hidden files?

Thank you


No worries… In the task bar click on the window symbol, click on search that will bring up the search window. In the tool bar you’ll see advanced search click the drop down. Where it says location change it to everywhere. Then go down and click on the include non-indexed,hidden, and system files. Do a search for boc, then cboc, then boclean (or whatever order). It takes a little time but it will pull up any left over files after you uninstall. If I remember correctly, there will be 3 or 4 files. Check the attachment for a screen shot of the search window.
If you have any more questions let me know.


[attachment deleted by admin]


I found some files and deleted them !!
Afterwards I could install and runnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Thank yopu very much



I’m happy that solved your problem. If you have any more problems let us know.