Installing & Configuring together Comodo and Avast

Hi. Hope to get some guidance with this topic. Apologies if been covered before - did a search and couldn’t find anything on it.

Basically, I’ve currently got ZAPro firewall and Kaspersky anti-virus softwares on my pc. Not workingv well, and had a few probs with them both - stopping internet connection, blocking certain programs working, and a few things like that - oh, and they’re both expensive!

So have decided to change (and to save some money) by using free versions of Comodo Home v.3 free & Avast Home Edition v. 4.8 anti-virus (also free version). Have heard good things about both.

I am new to both programs and could do with some guidance on installing & configuring them:

1 - Which do I install first - Comodo or Avast?

2 - How do I configure them so they work well together?

(I have full uninstaller programs for both ZAPro & Kaspersky progs, downloaded from their forum sites.)

Any instructions and advice would be appreciated.


Hi and welcome to the forums,

Both work fine together! There’s isn’t any special that needs setting, just click Allow any Defense+ & Firewall Alerts in Comodo.

I’ve used it along with Comodo BoClean and other products without any hitches.

Installing CPF 3 With Defense+ is relatively simple. Simply follow the instructions. We do recommend you install CPF 3 with Defense+ as it fully protects your pc whereas if you install it simply as the firewall alone you’ll have anti-leak protection and that’s about it. The Defense+ element of CPF 3 has a unique “Clean PC Mode” which will treat any new executable as suspicious. It’s a VERY powerful H.I.P.S.

You have the option to install Comodo Toolbar when you run the installer. The toolbar is currently an “ASK TOOLBAR” with the Comodo Search Built in and Comodo SafeSurf which is a Buffer Overflow Protection product.

You DON’T NEED to install the toolbar, if you don’t want to. There is a beta out of Comodo’s OWN toolbar which will eventually be fully released. Full info on the Toolbar itself can be found here:

The Buffer Overflow protection is the same technology as Comodo Memory Firewall (See It’s a BUFFER OVERFLOW protection for your pc.

On a different note:

Comodo’s Antivirus/spyware Version 3 (long awaited) is due to come out at some point this year so Keep an eye out or alternatively, sign up for Comodo release alerts from the main comodo page.

If you have any questions, there’s plenty of us Mod’s around and other very helpful people in this forum so don’t hestitate to ask.


Many thanks for your reply.

That sounds great. So can I install Avast before Comodo, or doesn’t it matter? And if I’ve already installed Avast, do I need to disable it before installing Comodo? Hear so many horror stories of people installing different things in ‘the wrong order’ so to speak, and it not working properly.

Thanks again for your help. I look forward to getting both progs up and running.

It doesnt matter the order. The only problem with order is using Kaspersky. If you have Comood installed then try to install Kaspersky you will need to uninstall Comodo first then install Kaspersky. This is not the problem with Avast.

Hey V. How have you been? You’ll be happy to know I haven’t changed my security for three days. LOL. Seriously I have Mamutu and Avast Home running together with Comodo, and they play well together. I know, I know Comodo is all I need, but I like Mamutu and it runs lighter and is more polished than ThreatFire which I know a lot of Comodo users run. I also don’t post in Wilders anymore. I’m done with that forum. This one is very nice though and it’s good to see you in here helping out. Take care.

Nice to see you back but watch the !ot! comments.

HI: I have Comodo Version CCADV 3.0. I recently downloaded Avast Anti-Virus 4.8. I cannot use it as we cannot connect to the internet. I was told by Avast forums to put the following in Comodo, but cannot figure how and where to do so:

Into the firewall settings, the following programs should be allowed to connect:

C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe (avast! Web Scanner)
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe (avast! e-Mail Scanner Service)
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\Setup\avast.setup (avast! Update executable). This is a temporary file that just appears when an update (check) is about to launch, and disappears again afterwards.

If after doing so, do you agree that this will help?

Thanks for any help.


Great news! That sounds v straightforward, thanks. Will install the both nearer time when my current subscriptions run out.

Thanks all for your help.