installing Comodo

Hello, I was wondering, what does Do not show alerts that require security decisions as much as possible mean? What happens if I were to uncheck that box?

Hi Rman87,

I think this FAQ could answer your question;msg547632#msg547632

thanks for your help, but if I remove the all applications rule, will that affect me or my computer in any way or the stealth ports wizard?

The stealth ports wizard configures global rules.

The “all application rule” allows ANY application to make outbound connections to anywhere on any port. It is not very secure but “user friendly”. If you remove that rule and set you FW on safe mode, only trusted applications will be automatically allowed to make outbound connections. If you search more security, you must set your FW on custom mode and make your own rules for the applications YOU decide can make outbound and in certain cases inbound connections and on which port. In the predefined policies, you’ll already find a rule for the web browser and the email client.

If you were to choose to run the FW in custom mode, don’t hesitate to ask help to set the appropriate rules for the applications you need.