Installing Comodo Firewall

I’m going to upgrade to Vista 32bit, I’ve got a few questions. When installing will I need my internet connection active so the installer can track all system processes, also is there security flaws by doing this? I’ve been told to disable Windows Vista firewall before installing as the installer wont turn it off properly which will lead to both conflicting with eachover, is there any truth in that? This one is a no brainer but many people have said to me that Vistas built-in firewall has advanced and is much better than XP, would it do a better job than Comodos firewall?

Concerning the firewall itself, is it the best around? For a free product its by far a fantastic product but putting money aside who produces the best firewall?

Also is there any tips, other than the installer guide posted ont he forum which can help while installing concerning my system?

and one more question about Utorrent, adding ports etc. is a headache to tell you the truth, is there a way of getting around this. Firewalls I’ve had in the past have just added into the pogram rules and its done its thing but with Comodo you have to add rules etc. It also kills the speed as alot of ports are blocked not allowing the file transfer rate to increase if I’mnot wrong

Many thanks in advance

There is no direct need to have the internet connection active when installing. Only when you want to connect to register for Threatcast it is needed.

Concerning Windows Firewall. You can also disable it after the reboot in the installation process. Comodo does a much better job in protection you than both Window Firewall and User Account Control can deliver.

To see some darn good firewalls and how Comodo compares to its peers look at this test by Matousec: .

For opening ports for uTorrent and alikes try starting with this tutorial: .