Installing Comodo firewall and AV offline

G’day all,
Quick-ish query or two. I have searched the forum for the answer(s) but haven’t found the information- though I bet it’s on here somewhere!

I don’t like being online without a firewall running for any time at all. I understand that I need to uninstall my current firewall prior to installing CPF. Can I download CPF and then install it offline? Is the setup file I have downloaded all that is needed, ie is it the program? I have already had a registration number emailed to me will that enable me to get CPF up and running before reconnecting?

As you might guess I actually saved the file to my hard drive instead of running it. Not trying to be clever it was just an automatic response to the msg box.

CPF sound like the answer to my Norton problems so I hope to be running it soon. Thanks for any help.


Installation can be done offline, but entering the activation code requires an internet connection.

Once you have completed the install and rebooted, the firewall is active before the Windows desktop appears. So even before you have configured it, CPF is active and protecting your PC albeit in a generic but thorough manner.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Ta for the swift response Ewen. I’ll give it a go shortly.