installing comodo failing

CFP version
Dialup Internet
LAN connection (this computer will be sharing the dialup with the LAN)
Windows XP Pro, SP2
logging in as an administrator
running Avast Antivirus, AVG Antivirus (automated virus database updating only, no active scanning from these AV programs), and NetLimiter Pro
uninstalled Sunbelt Personal Firewall before installing Comodo
I have the Avast updater, AVG updater, CFP.exe, GoogleDesktop, Java updater, MBM5, NetLimiter, Soundmax, and WinVNC running

I installed Comodo Firewall Pro, and it said I had to reboot my computer. I rebooted my computer, and when I did that, I got three warnings saying that the comodo network monitor, comodo application monitor, and comodo application agent are not active, and that reinstalling the application may fix the problem. I uninstalled Comodo, and reinstalled, and got the same error message when I rebooted. how do I fix this?

Hi, Have you tried a clean install in safe mode?

ok, just tried that, I uninstalled CFP, restarted, and then restarted again and entered safemode, installed CFP, rebooted, and got the error messages again

Have you had any problems installing any other software? I have read (on another forum) about a problem with Windows Firewall that prevented other firewalls from installing correctly. If I remember correctly this referred to a Zone Alarm installation. Have you tried a scannow check or a disk check for any bad sections?

Disc check: Click on Start > My Computer > right click Local Disc (C) and select Properties > Tools > Error-Checking then check both boxes and Start. Your computer will then carry out a full check at the next boot up.

When you try to reinstall CPF make sure the Windows Firewall is off first. Click on the Windows Firewall icon in your Control Panel (disconnect your computer from your modem first).

Hope the above is of help. Best wishes HL.

Boot into Safe Mode, uninstall the firewall and reboot. Then disable all running programs especially any antivirus you have running since this type of program will interfere with the installation.

Also, make sure you’re running the latest version of Windows Installer which is v3.1. Download from here if your version is older.

hey, last night my roommate took a look at my computer, and it seems that this:;msg74047#msg74047 was the problem I was having (I didn’t even think to look in the event viewer for errors)
he fixed it, and now it works, although I’m having a second problem (I’ll create another thread for that). thanks for the help! :slight_smile: