Installing CIS4 with MSE as on-demand scanner

Hi all. Hope some one can guide me on how to set MSE to be only on-demand scanner (with MsMpEng.exe not in memory when I’m not using the on-demand scanner). Because I want to install CIS4 as the only active Internet Security suite in the system.

Thank you in advance.

Disable the resident.
Disable the automatic scannings.
Remove automatic startup item at Windows.
Set Microsoft Antimalware Service to manual.

Many thanks for the info.

Perhaps you could give me a short guide on how to correctly accomplish all the steps above. Many, many thanks in advance.

P/S: Its not just for my knowledge. This knowledge can sweeten my proposal to some of my friends who currently using MSE so that they can install CIS and at the same time can still keep MSE for on-demand job. Its a win-win situation as I can’t really convince them to remove MSE altogether.

Anyone please.

Sorry, I have it in Portuguese.
Options > Resident protection (uncheck). Screenshot-84

Options > Schedule scannings (uncheck). Screenshot-85

Start > Run > msconfig
On the 4th tab of settings (Startup programs), disable the MSE entry.
Or manual delete it from Windows startup menu and/or Windows registry.

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
Microsoft Antimalware Service
Right click it and choose properties
Startup type > Manual

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Thank you very much for the guide. :wink:

About the services. Since the startup type is manual, do I need to go to the services everytime I want to run the on-demand scan?

Thank you in advance.

Well, you could start the service by the interface if I’m not wrong.
If you can’t, you can set “Automatic (delay)” option for the service.

“Automatic (delay)” means that the service will eventually start automatically after system boot up for a certain period of time? How can it helping me in this case?

Thank you in advance.

Manual means the service will start only when it is required (ie manual scan with MSE), and then shut itself off when not needed.

Thanks for the reply. Is that means that right after on-demand scanning is done, the service (MsMpEng.exe) will shut itself down automatically?

my understanding, yes.

Thanks for the reply. :wink:


Make boot time lighter and run in background (allows autoupdates also).

Thank you very much for the reply. :wink:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: