Installing CIS over Previous install

I had recently installed the free CIS firewall, but today decided to buy the CIS pro and install it over the old version, because I did not want to lose some of the special firewall settings I had made in the previous install.
Sure nuff, the new Pro version kept the old special settings I had made, and seems to be working OK and I didnt get any errors displayed. I just wanted to ask if it was OK to do it this way in order to preserve my previous settings??

Running Windows Home Premium Vista 64-bit.

In this case and general for the future:
Backup your settings by using “more-manage my configuration”. There you can export and import settings. Dont forget to activate the desired one!
And give your saves a name to recognize them easy.

After activating, you should check with own eyes if all settings are like you guess.

OK, thanks. Guess that means I need to uninstall and reinstall to be sure its working right.

I told you how to make saves of the setting, and how to activate them again.

For uninstall and rules.
Sometimes it is a good idea to make a fresh install. And after some version changes, its also a good idea to make a new rule set, to use new features ect. Remember to set the (Proactive-)Configuration before you make a new set.

If you make the rule set new, each time you will be faster and more knowing :smiley: , find a balance.