Installing CIS on Win10, Win10 FF is running and CIS gets nothing to do

At first, sorry if the question is dump. I didn’t found an answer and the “last” windows I used was Win7, so I’m not that familiar with Win10.

I was building a new PC with win 10 (1709 for shure). The first 3. party software installations were Nod32 and Comodo (just the firewall + defence+ - i know, but I don’t like CIS:AV). Both programms are up and running, with the Usercontrol of Nod deactivated (Comodo is intended to take that part).
When I do start a new application, defence+ is talking to me, so far so good.
If that application does want to connect to the internet the windows firewall of the windows defender is asking me things - i though Comodo might kill that one but ok.
Now I would think, that Comodo is asking me the same thing too - it does not. But the programm is allowed to connect, based on the WindowsFF rules I think.
It does show me the traffic of the programm in the window thogh, but it is not asking me for rules, nore it is creating rules. This is not what I was expecting…

As an addition, I was not noticing this behavior, because within the installation and configuration process the firewall was running in training mode (ever made Win7 shut down for a very long time because of an not set rule? - I did - so I wanted that everything works for Windows)

Now I thought before I break some things I will ask you guys.

I want Comodo to take the role of the trafficcontrol and I want comodo to create and use rules for that traffic and to control this rules (the windows rules are - less precice).
Do I have to disable the windows firewall (and how? - service?)?, the Defender? or did I missed something along the way?
What config i have to set, that it works the way I want?

On Win7 and below my reaction would be to kill everything that comes with windows and to rip it out, if unshure. :wink:
But Win10 I’m still learning.

Thank you guys in advance

You can disable Windows Firewall (but not the Windows Firewall Service in Services; that needs to stay enabled).

Comodo Firewall will apply a default rule for trusted application and will not make a rule in Application Rules. The reason is that a long list of applications under Application Rules makes the UI really slow when closing it.

If you want to have traffic control set the Firewall to Custom Policy.