Installing CIS 6 after installing Dragon

A couple weeks ago I downloaded and installed the Dragon browser. Later I installed CIS 6 (Firewall & Antivirus only). Now when I try to run Virtual Kiosk it doesn’t even see the browser and wants me to install it and Silverlight. If I let it reinstall Dragon will I loose the present browser settings? Someone please tell me best way to proceed. I find very little guidance about using Dragon and CIS 6 together. Thanks

You mean when you try to run Virtual Kiosk through CIS GUI, right?

I have experienced this i.e dragon was already installed & I installed CIS & tried to run Virtual Kiosk through CIS GUI. It asked me to install dragon & silverlight & I proceeded but it only downloaded & installed silverlight. So I think the process detects the presence of dragon & silverlight & downloads & installs only the required one i.e not installed one.

Did you report this as a bug? I ask that because it sounds like a minor GUI issue where the text gives the wrong impression about what the program will do.

Naren, you are correct! I clicked on the “Yes” to install and it only installed Silverlight as you experienced.

Thanks, All is well now.

Just to point out that neither need to be installed to use Kiosk in Classic Windows style Desktop mode, you can just click no and proceed into Kiosk.
Tablet mode will be unavailable.
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