Installing CIS 1603 Error

Yesterday we had some issues with CIS Complete,
I talked with a livePCSupport agent (Mark) thanks for your help! :slight_smile:
The error shows up when i’m installing CIS Complete. (ERROR CODE:1603)

* Things that the agent and i did for the last hours…

*CleanUp the instalation with (CIS Clean-up Tool) - failure
*Clean Up the instalatation with (Comodo_Support_Tool) - failure
*Clean the computer with (COMODO SystemCleaner) - failure
*Downloading a fresh copy of COMODO Internet Security Complete. - failure
*Checking the registry for any isues. - failure
*Safe mode install - failure

  • Windows Installer setup - failure

  • We tried almost everything, everythime we run the setup it fails…

So i hope i get some help of the FORUM People, MODS, Admins…


Read here !

Maybe you have similar issues described there !

Did you try to uncheck ‘‘block all unknown requests if the application is closed’’ in D+ settings?

FIXED :smiley:

Just curious, what problem did you had ?!

Maybe there are people in your situation and this could help them !

You can read below…
In this case i had to do a FULL System restore…