Installing CFP on systems used by the technologically challenged?

I love the Comodo Firewall, especially for how detailed it is, and the fact that Defense+ inquires about more things than ZoneAlarm does.

Unfortunately, the people whom I help with computers are not very technically savvy, and they even have problems with things such as ZoneAlarm. Many of them just get annoyed at the prompts, and will say “Accept” for ANYTHING that pops up, since they have no way of understanding or discerning whether the things that are trying to access the Internet are legitimate or not. After all, malware isn’t going to be named something like “I_am_stealing_your_identity.exe,” but will LOOK legitimate. Furthermore, the programs that ARE valid don’t help matters, since they are often named something ambiguous (e.g. the number of programs that have an “update.exe” with no other naming to help identify it better).

The simple fact is: NO firewall or anti-virus solution is foolproof, and MOST of the people using them are fools who nullify a great deal of the protection by not using them properly.

Given all the above, I use Comodo on MY systems, but install ZoneAlarm for the people I help. Frankly, however, I think Comodo gives better overall protection, and would LIKE to install that for other people. Thus, are there any particular settings or options that would be more friendly for the technologicallly challenged users - affording them sufficient protection, but remaining as unobtrusive as possible? Likewise, do any of YOU have suggestions on better ways of explaining these things to such users so they won’t just accept everything (possibly allowing malware to get through) or block everything (possibly preventing anti-virus updates from running, for example)?


Welcome to the forums. First of all if your referring to Zone Alarm free then that is no better then Windows Firewall and clearly cannot provide any sort of protection. Education is a must here. Comodo is clearly the most powerful firewall out there straight out of the box. It is also a very pwoerful HIPS program which is a necessity it today’s day and age. If you want to install Comodo for customers the stock settings are fine. Using training mode for a week or so in both the firewall and D+ is a good idea. But only if the pc is clean and only for a limited time like I said. You can put a desktop shortcut to the very well written help in Comodo to aid people in understanding things. Security isnt something to be scared of or annoyed that you are getting pop ups. It just means you need to learn how to use a product to be better protected. I have installed Avast and Comodo on all of my families pc’s (about 10). After installing it I have them launch all there programs they use the most so they see and learn about Comodo’s alerts and what to do with them. If yoo do not know what the program is then “block it”. But 90% of whats installed on poeples pc’ are safe programs anyways. Its when they install something new they need to be aware of. Also its not a bad idea to install Sandboxie. That way there any changes that happen while browsing can simply be undone by dumping out the Sandbox.