Installing addons to be used in ice dragon running in sandbox.

While running Ice Dragon in Sandbox, under Tools/Options/Security/Exemptions,

is listed as Allowed.

I have not been able to load the add ons that I currently run in Ice Dragon when not running it in the Sandbox.

After I try to install the addon, ( running in sandbox) it shows the horizontal green bar initiating the install, then shows the bar with just the left portion in green. Seems the install is halted. There is no pop-up or message requesting to allow the completion of the add on install. It does not show the message to restart Ice Dragon to enable the addon, as it does in Firefox and Ice dragon when you load add ons (outside the sandbox).

I have not found any information on importing add ons from Firefox or any import mechanism to maintain addons in the sandboxed ice Dragon.

Ice Dragon running standalone installs and runs add ons flawlessly.

I have searched the CID Help and Bugs sections but have not found any solution.

Can you help me find the needed instructions to load or run addons in ice Dragon while running in the sandbox?

If I have not clearly described the problem, please suggest where further details are necessary.

Thank you.

(running Vista home OS)

to install addons you need to first run ice dragon outside the sandbox → install the addons → reset the sandbox. CAUTION this will clear out the sandbox so any files you have saved will be deleted from there so transfer any files you want to save through the shared space. Now when you relaunch ice dragon in the sandbox it will have your addons installed

I have the add ons running in Ice dragon when not in the sandbox.

Can you further explain how to reset the sandbox?

Thank you

Hi upset,
Flip the home screen (Screenshot) and under the ‘Sandbox Tasks’ you will find the reset function (Screenshot).
Reset the Sandbox

Kind regards.

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