Installer's -s switch isn't working well.

Hi, I’d earlier posted a request for the developers to make comodo firewall silent/unattended installation friendly here. ricktendo64 had also requested the same here. the end result that came about it was the -s switch that causes a silent albeit partial installation with the user needing to run the configuration utility to complete the installation which is contrary to the definition of an unattended installation. and to top it all, the installer crashes after extracting the requisite files when the -s switch is used.

my request to the developers: please dump the ■■■■■■ installer, use something like nsis or inno setup to package your files both of which allow completely silent/unattended installations. ricktendo64 and myself both create silent/unattended addons for nlite on the msfn forums and it is the existing /future user base of your firewall that demands a silent/unattended addon compatible with nlite to add to their customized installations of windows.


/end rant (:NRD)

This would a great idea (:CLP)

It would be nice if I could install Comodo silently along with all my other apps. Instead I have to install it afterwards/separately.

I also urge the development of a working silent install method. Like Johndoe I’m active on the MSFN boards (maintain a guide for XP x64) and would like to include instructions on how to add Comodo firewall to an all-in-one install DVD.

But even for those not involved in funky projects like nLite, a silent install option could be very useful.