Installers not recognised as such? (CIS 5.3)

I know installation mode has gone but I would like to have a way of implementing it.

I have just installed 2 freeware progs S.U.P.E.R. SUPER ©   Video Converter | Video Encoder | Free 3D Video Converter | Free 3D Video Encoder & CDRipper & neither were flagged by CIS to permit to run as installers.
They took forever to install (a 36.7 meg install took over 12 mins on my 4x3,2 ghz) ??? :o

I assume this was down to the processes being scrutinized by CIS as the same package on a PC with CIS 3 took moments in install mode.

If there is a way of ‘forcing’ treat as installer is it only via CSP? I would like a quicker way…

I did get the elevated privileges alert for the Super program. It started maxing one out of 4 cores at the end of the installation when it said it was going to check for installed programs or sum’ping. I terminated the installer after two minutes.

Does any of the workarounds, for the installer, as can be found in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] bring a solution here?

The CD ripper installed pretty smooth. It stalled for 5s maxing out one core but that was as rough as it got. The D+ logs show it was looked up in the cloud and found safe.

If you want the old behaviour you have to disable the sandbox. That is done under Execution Control Settings by unticking "Treat unrecognized files as ".

Thanks for response.

I disabled the sandbox prior to install. The only flagged event was the update check for Super, (which happened right at the start) after which it took ages. [Lag from its site responsible?]
The cdripper then took more than 4 mins.
So I started comparing performance with CIS 3 (perhaps incorrectly) I guess I need to try an install under several different conditions sets & compare. Clearly something else is going on here, in comparison to your findings.
Will have to dig deeper…