Installer should explain the importance of running initial scan

In my first install of CIS I got to the initial scan and decided to skip it and scan later (because I was late for a meeting). I was then asked if the PC was Clean or not, and even though I was pretty sure it was Clean, I decided to be safe and respond that I didn’t know.

That unfortunately put me into Defense+ Safe Mode, which meant that I encountered a blizzard of alerts that I had to respond to. There’s no way my less expert clients would be able to deal with that, so my first take was that unfortunately I would typically have to install CIS without Defense+.

It’s only after some time, experimentation, reading, and multiple install tests, that I realize how crucial that first scan and Clean PC question is – when a scan is done and/or the PC is judged to be clean, the install puts Defense+ into Clean PC mode, which is far less intrusive, annoying and confusing to average users than Safe Mode. [UPDATE: I do know that Clean PC Mode is a user option, but think it unadvisable to set it when the initial scan has been skipped.]

Thus I think it would be good idea to add a lot more explanation of this to your Install so unfamiliar people understand the implication of their choices, perhaps by expanding your first scan dialog box in CIS Install thusly:

Unless you are already certain your PC is clean, this first scan is highly recommended, because if you know your PC is clean, then Defense+ can be configured for a Clean PC mode that's much less intrusive than the Safe Mode if you're unsure.

Thanks for CIS and for listening,

You totally misunderstood the meaning.The initial scan has nothing to do with the clean pc mode. Clean pc mode is just a mode ,you can turn in on by yourself, even you can disable the d+ by yourself. Initial scan is just for the purpose of finding virus. I don’t trust it so much ,for comodo is not a veteran in this realm.

I do understand that Clean PC Mode is not literally dependent on the initial scan – it’s just advisable (IMnsHO at least) to do an initial scan before setting Clean PC Mode, especially for non-expert users.

As for how good the scan is, I’ve done some fairly rigorous testing, and have been pretty impressed. (On my most recent install, for example, it caught two legitimate spyware items that had been missed by both AVG and Windows Defender.) But as always, YMMV. :slight_smile:


IMnsHO = in my (not so) humble opinion
YMMV = your mileage may vary

Even if the initial scan is great, it still can’t be trusted, because the database comodo installer contains is old. An effective anti-virus app updates virus database several times a day. I thinks the best way to make sure if you system is clean is reinstall it, i.e. install comodo to a freshly built system and everything will be fine.

Perhaps that was a problem in the past, but the current CIS installer downloads and updates the database before running the initial scan, so it can be trusted. Try it.