Installer saying System Safety Monitor installed

Just checking this is not a bug. Just installed v3 and the installer reports that SSM is installed and may conflict. I did have it a while ago but not any more. I see there is a registry key left behind by SSM. Is Comodo just picking up on that?


Hi janger

I expect that is exactly what CFP is catching. If you delete that SSM key and any other conflicting keys, then I think you will find the notices will not be there.


That’s what happened to me.
I just searched for “system safety monitor” in regedit, and deleted all the references to it I could find. (except for the legacy keys)
Problem solved.

You can also remove the legacy keys by right clicking on the key, going to permissions, and checking full control. Then the keys can be removed.


Cool. I thought that’s what it was but wanted to make sure.

Hey, can disabling network in control panel and/or updating Comodo trigger XP activation? Because that’s what just happened to me. I disabled the network while installing the new version and upon reboot msoobe come up. Had to do the telephone thing because they said I’ve made too many hardware changes. Only thing I’ve done recently upart from the above is removed a sound card :-\