Installer Rules

Programs like Windows Updater, Jusched, etc… have installer rules.

I guess programs with installer rules are trusted & not scanned, am I right?

Recently a user in AV FPs thread reported with the screenshot Windows Updates were downloading & AV detected malware, Windows Updates have installer rules & trusted & not scanned, how AV detected malware?

Today Java automatically updated & I got Unlimited Access popup, Java have installer rules & trusted & not scanned, how Unlimited Access popup?

Attached is the screenshot

Is this a bug or I am missing something here?

CFW & D+ with Internet Security Config, AV not installed.
XP 32 Bits

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from what i understand the installer rules makes the applictaion trusted and all files it creates as trusted

and based on help file in the sandboxing process it is scanned first before it is check for whitelisted