Installer Leaves Former Windows Firewall Users Vulnerable

The new installer turns off the Windows Firewall after the installer closes. If Windows Firewall users don’t restart their computer immediately after, does this mean they are left unprotected until CPF runs at startup?

It does do that? Maybe its just the Windows Security Center doing it. Who uses Windows Security Center anyway, most people/friends I know disabled it.

Actually Windows firewall users are fairly unprotected to begin with, ;). Seriously, IF by default , Windows firewall will be shut down (mine doesn’t ) but it will still monitor LAN (although protecton here is hard to say) and would be a good idea to uncheck that after another is installed. Also, if you mean the new CPF installer, you are promted to restart the computer, and a technical average of 16 minutes before you are considered in true danger without a firewall running. If ever prompted to restart for these reasons, unless you are in very important matters (which I don’t know why someone would install anything anyway then) but ALWAYS try to restart as soon as possible. I hope I don’t get too technical about the biggest solution and I will list the steps below to solve this…

1.) turn firewall back on until ready to reboot, then shut it down when you do. :wink:

Hope this helps,



P.S. one of the only ones I know that do this is ZA.


If you’re installing something like CPF you should be prepared to restart anyway. Not doing so could cause problems as the necessary drivers won’t be loaded to use with the program. CPF shuts windows firewall off to avoid conflicts between the two firewalls.


Sorry, I was just playing devil’s advocate, i was actually re-installing windows (with my network hardware unplugged, of course :p) and I thought it was a potential problem. Thanks for the potentially helpful replies though.

Yes, if you are reinstalling windows, there is nothing to worry about anyway until you get to your desktop. Nothing is going to run during install anyway. ???